Collective of Heroic Celebration!

Hello there! In continuing with the hoopla that swells as we approach our 500th Wonder Weenies comic, I asked a few of my fellow Collective of Heroes creators to help out with some Wonder Weenies pin-ups! I absolutely love seeing how others interpret my creations, and I hope you'll enjoy it too.

First up, we've a piece by Jeff Langcaon creator of Henchmen For Hire. I really enjoy how he pushed the 'FAntastic Four' nods within the team in making Frank the big brute... perhaps we'll see this side of Frank in the future. Well, probably not, but maybe I can find a way to make it happen if only once.

We also have this piece by one of the newest members of the Collective, Shane Rivett, creator of Heroes of the World and Beyond. It's his take on the trio readied for action... very cool rendition! Perhaps the Wonder Weenies could hang with the cast of HOTWAB (although if our current storyline is anything to go by, probably not).

Thanks for the pinups, guys! There's more on the way from a few other artist friends of mine and they'll be up soon! Until then, stay Remedial, everyone! I am a huge!

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