Unsung Heroes!

In the most recent Wonder Weenies story arc I've begun to introduce a group of new heroes, most of whom I created way back when I was still in High School. I was inspired to create a new avatar image for an unsung hero 'round these parts: our very own ChadMin! I may have so cartoonish talent, but I know absolutely nada about coding and making art into the string of techno-babble that makes it a thing that you my dear Remedialites can read on the interwebs! So this Labor Day 2015 I'm celebrating the work of ChadMin (as he doesn't get nearly the accolades he deserves for keeping the site afloat!) and sharing the new (and long overdue) avatar I just finished for him! I do hope y'all get the inspiration for the image; not a style I usually work in but dang if it isn't fun to dabble in other styles once in a while! Thanks again, Chad- you dah man!

Wonder Weenies will be taking tomorrow (September 8th) off to recognize Labor Day! We'll see back on Thursday (September 10th)! I am a huge!

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