Bonus Halloween Comic!

This year I decided to take part in a multi-webcomic Halloween special! Here's how it works: all participating webcomic creators were assigned another participating webcomic. The assignment was to dress up your characters as characters from the comic you were assigned and link to said webcomic... if you click through every particpating webcomic in succession, eventually you'll get back to where you started (and hopefully have found a few more webcomics to read!)

So which comic was I assigned? Tails of Lanschilandia by Tammy Spahn! Tails of Lanschilandia follows the adventures of Lanschi the Duck as his friends and relatives attempt to stop an evil wizard from taking over their land! You should click here to check it out!

So which webcomic creator dressed their characters up as the Wonder Weenies? Start clicking to find out! (all participants were asked to have their comics posted by October 30th).  I had fun dressing up the Weenies as another strip while incorporating their personalities and personal tolerance for costumery... hopefully Tammy and the rest of you enjoyed my efforts!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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