FCBD announcement!

Hey y'all... real quick blog explaining why I am taking the next two weeks off...

As I explained last blog, Wonder Weenies recently joined the Collective Of Heroes... a handful of creators over at CoH thought it would be nice to do a free downloadable PDF for free comic book day featuring many of the heroes featured on their site! Well, I really wanted to contribute... so here's the deal:

Rather than just contribute repeat strips, I wanted to give y'all a reason to go download the free PDF on May 2nd (other than the fact it's free and full of some of the best superhero comics on the web of course), so I decided to create a special 12-strip story EXCLUSIVE to this download! Now, to get this done on time, I'll have to take this week off from Wonder Weenies in order to get everything done. I know, I know... "but Corey, we want our comics noooooow!" Look at it this way folks: you have to trade two weeks of no new comics for TWELVE- that's three times the comics! (originally, I had planned to only take a week off, but I have a birthday coming up and  am feeling a little under the weather, so I had to up it by one... I'll try and get some fanart or pinups up in the meantime). 

Oh, and before you get those hopes up, I happened to have a few days off from the day job with not a lot to do- everything just kinda worked out for me to get this project done... don't be getting those hopes up I'll return with some crazy 12 comic a week update schedule or anything. Wonder Weenies WILL return on Tuesday, April 14th.  During the break, how about an archive dive? I'll get you started:

You can start from the beginning and read the origin story here.

You can read the Wonder Weenies first battle with Beenie O'Weenie starting here.

The Wonder Weenies meet fellow superhero Super Sahlstrom and fight a giant robot starting here.

The Wonder Weenies first one on one run in with Nine News at Nine's shenanigans (and a villainous squirrel) begin here.

And our current story line began here.

Remember, be back in two weeks for our newest updates, and do visit your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2nd! I'll also be appearing at a couple conventions in May- I'll tell you more about those next blog! Until then, keep reading, Remedialites! I am a huge!

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