Springtime Announcements!

Hello Remedialites! I am a huge! I wanted to announce a few things!

Firstly, I'm going to be at several conventions this Spring! They're all here in Minnesota, but several are new to me! That's exciting!

First off, on February 25th we've Blizzard World Minneapolis! This is a newer one day convention that is growing strong and I've heard nothing but good things about it! You can find out all about it here.

Next up, there's MarsCon! This is a three day convention March 3-5 held at the Minneapolis Hilton near the Mall Of America (so, you know, you can make it a full weekend of eventing if you want! The MOA's great!) Full information can be found here. MarsCon is well known as a Sci-Fi convention that also features some of the finest Filk Musicians around performing funny songs to entertain! And, because I am a huge... fan of novelty music, I am super excited to be a part of this one!

Finally, I should (I say should as they've yet to send out applications, but as I've been a part for the last seven or so years I'm confident I'll be there) be at MSP ComiCon- or, as I will stubbornly refer to it by it's forever former name SpringCon. This is one of my favorite conventions I am a part of- it's super affordable and super great to its creators and attendees! I highly recommend you attend it if you can! Find out all about it here. I am planning on debuting the third issue of reprints of Wonder Weenies at this show (that would be the Professor Highbrow story).

Finally, I've some exciting news about a project I took a chance at about four years ago. Squishables makes round fuzzy adorable stuffed animals and have been running a monthly design contest for around five or six years wherein they encourage fans and artists to submit designs for Squishables that they'd like to see made. They pick their top dozen or so and then allow fans to vote on their favorites amongst those. The top voted designs may get put into production- they have to get a certain percentage of a 1-5 rating; I'm fuzzy on the math, BUT they do get made and their fans love it! I decided to throw my hat into the ring and had many designs make it through to the voting process. Unfortunately I did not win in those rounds and thought to myself, "well that was a fun distraction" and moved on...

Until this happened:

It seems that the crew at Squishables were going through their archives until they stumbled on this design and stopped... they said to themselves: "oh my gosh that's adorable why oh why didn''t we make this immediately?" ...okay, at least that's what I pictured them saying anyhow. They decided to give my Babe The Blue Ox design their "Golden Ticket" and greenlight it into production! I was completely surprised by this as, like I said, I submitted this years ago and moved on. If you'd like to let Squishable know you want to know the progress of this Squish, you can submit an email address on their site here. And if you want to see all of my designs that made it into the voting stages, you can visit here.

Well, that's all the news I've got today! Hope to see you at some cons this Spring! And while it won't be out of prototype stages in time, eventually visit me at a convention and say hello to my booth Babe... 'cause you know that Squishable will be at my table until the end of conventions! See ya next time, I am a huge!

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