Year End Top Ten List? AGAIN?

Well, that's another year in the books! I took a slightly shorter break at year's end than I usually do this year, mostly because I didn't prep a 'printable present' for the Holidays this year and feel kinda bad about that. I can't simply take some time off and not offer y'all up nothing to make up for it, so apart from the quartet of Holiday specials, I thought I'd put together a personal "best of" list of my favorite Wonder Weenies strips from the last year. I have different reasons for liking each and I'll give you a peek into my thought processes as I explain what I like about each! I'm posting these in the order that they appeared rather than try and do a countdown- such pressure!

"Shaken, Not Stirred" Man I love Beenie O'Weenie. After I put a disguised Jack Johnson into the same cell as Beenie, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to have him escape from jail under a technicality of mistaken identity. I like this strip in particular as it plays up Beenie's snobbish side a bit and I like the interaction between him and Evelyn.

"Eye For Business"  I really like the exchange between Murrey and the owner of Waffle King here. And, to me anyway, spas are kinda silly. Sure, they're relaxing and all that, but when the most relaxing thing to me is playing an action packed video game or reading a good comic, vegetables on the eyes are just silly as all get out. Oh, and I like how the different angles here too- I really need to do more of that.

"It's a Wrap"  E.M.T. is another character I created that I've really grown to like. To confess, I never really intended to create her in the first place- my intent was to always have Beenie be the first villain that the Wonder Weenies faced. E.M.T. just sort of happened during my first story. I was a little afraid that bringing back two villains in this story where I was introducing multiple villains might be overwhelming to both myself and the reader, but I like to think I wound up balancing everything okay. There's also a lot of great action in this one and I like the "unobtainium" gag here as well.

"Border Wars" Ah, the Scandinavians... I don't know what possessed me to go in this direction during the spa storyline, but I am so glad I did- they were a lot of fun to create and write. Hopefully their dialog is intelligible enough while still conveying that accent. And Frank's deadpan delivery at the end of this one turned out better than I imagined.

"No Rest For Heroes" Continuity is really important to me; I guess it's from all the comics I read growing up. Any time I can write a joke or storyline that harkens back to something I did "way back in the day" I am quite pleased. Murrey did indeed try and get Frank to take a break on day one when he lost his temper (maybe not comic one, mind you, but certainly on his first day at Wonder Weenies." If you couldn't tell from the storyline already, I'm not a big fan of how a lot of news channels actually present the news, and I really like how the reporters twist everything Frank says in this one. I think I got some good depth in the panels as well.

"It's the Country Where I'd Quite Like to Be" I have something of a love-hate relationship with Filip the Unflappable. I love him as a character- his dialog was a blast to create and his name still makes me giggle. That damn costume, however... what a time consumer. The reason I chose this comic in particular was the Monty Python reference in the title... as many of you know, I am a huge... fan of Novelty Music and Monty Python sang a bunch. I couldn't create a Finnish badguy without referencing their song "Finland." If you check the archive and read the hover text for this one, there's a few more lines from the song there as well.

"Going Gourmet" I just really like the dialog in this one. Any chance to emphasize the various character traits of each character while having an entertaining exchange between them all is a good one, says I. And I really do enjoy a good gourmet hotdog, just sayin'.

"Dang Me" I am something of a Trekkie. I don't dress up or know all the technical specs to the Enterprise or anything like that, I just really like Star Trek. I figured if any of the characters in the comic would as well, it would be Frank. The transporter gag will become important at the end of this storyline as well... otherwise, I kinda like any comic where I can go "poor Frank" at the end of it.

"Oh, What's In a Name?" You know how in science fiction stories every planet seems to have an exotic name? Why did we settle on "Earth?" Why wouldn't other alien cultures do the same? Dirt jokes aside, this comic gives us the origin story for J'ho S'hmo (who I always meant as a Martian Manhunter parody- those of you that know his given Martian name hopefully got the joke) who will be very important in the upcoming storyline- primarily due to his origin.

"Hero Brigade" I don't often get to put a lot of characters together in a single shot like this... so that alone would warrant my including this strip in my top ten for the year. My reason for liking this strip goes deeper than that, however. As many of you may already know from his introduction, Super Sahlstrom was a character I created back in high school and a big part of why I became a cartoonist in the first place. All of the other members of the Hero Brigade (with the exception of J'ho S'hmo and Jumbo Shrimp- more on him in a minute) also had their origins from the comic strip I drew and posted each day during my freshman Algebra 1 class. Sure, I've redesigned them quite a lot since then, but there they are. Jumbo Shrimp is something else entirely- if you've read all the strips up to this point, you've probably determined that already... I'm not going to give too much away as I don't want to ruin too much of the next story's big reveal- but let's just say I am going to have a LOT of fun with it.

So there they are, my top ten favorite comics I did in 2015. Do you have a favorite I might have overlooked? Lemme know in the comments! Since I'm taking the week off, now's a fine time to click the filing cabinet and stroll through the archives! Take an afternoon and binge read the entire run- there's a lot more than a year's worth of comics to pick a favorite from, ya know! Wonder Weenies will return on Tuesday, January 5th! Until then, stay Wonderful, you buncha Weenies! Okay- New Year's resolution: work on those catchphrases and nicknames.  >yeesh< See ya later! I am a huge!

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