I'm back! HUZZAH!

First of all, thanks for your patience, everyone!

 I am nearly 100% recovered from my kidney transplant and eager to get back to posting regularly once more! I missed making comics so much... my hands are still a little shaky thanks to my new meds, but that's under control enough for me to draw now. I am not sure when I can return to cons; I am on immuno-suppression drugs to prevent my body from rejecting the new-to-me kidney and have to avoid exposure to potential health hazards (such as con crud) lest they make me seriously ill as I my body cannot fight them off properly... I am hoping after a few months I will be a little less skiddish when it comes to crowds; don't be surprised if I am masked up when I DO return to tabling at cons. 

Well, I have things to do! I am a huge!

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