Bad News; Great News

So Wonder Weenies is going on break through the month of August. There are two main reasons for this: one bad, one very very good.

Let's start with the bad.

So over the weekend, I was working on a commission for AtariAge- I'm a sucker for working on label art for Atari 2600 homebrews. Apparently my cat felt he wasn't getting enough attention. Normally, he just climbs on the Imaginext Batcave display in the studio and knocks off a few Batmobiles; no big whoop. THIS day, however, he saw the shelves above my drawing table and for the first time ever decided they'd be fun to climb. They proved to not be. Not only did the cat and the shelves and whatever was on said shelves fall on my head, but the cat managed to knock my external hard drive off the table. Initially, I was able to access it, albeit v e r y  s   l   o    w     l        y, but after I rebooted m computer I couldn't access it at all. Now, I have been meaning to backup everything to the cloud, but with my health lately I just haven't gotten around to it. Now, as it just looked like maybe the USB access port might have taken a dent and that the drive is an older Seagate model with a little endcap SATA to USB adapter on it, I am hoping if I try a different cable I'll be able to access it once more. If not, I am going to need to find a data retrieval service. Unfortunately, all my digital art is on that thing. Fortunately, I draw on paper first, so my art is not entirely lost.... just potentially anything I have digitally colored. Which is everything.

EEP. So... what's the good news?

I AM GETTING A FREAKING KIDNEY! Thanks to a living donor and an organ donor chain without an end recipient, my name came up and I am an excellent match... so far at least. They'll need to do a final blood mixing between me and the donor to make 100%  certain my body will not reject the organ. The University of Minnesota is confident enough that it will that my surgery has been officially scheduled for August 14th. So what does this mean?

Wonder Weenies will need to go on hiatus from now (it's July 25th as I write this) through all of August. I hate taking a break this long, but between worrying about my data recovery and my upcoming... recovery, I have a lot on my plate. My goal is to be back up and running by September. If I can manage earlier, I will let you all know!

Thanks for reading and understanding! I am a huge!

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