Doing my best, I swear!

You may have noticed my updating has been somewhat sporadic... this is mostly due to my health. Don't worry, I am actually doing well all things considered. MY new to me kidney is functioning well... there was a bit of a collapse in the tube connecting it to my bladder so I am dealing with that. My mental health is okay for the most part. I just h=occasionally have a day or two where my mind goes dark when thinking about my various health issues and all the new meds I take and whatnot and I simply just... can't.  I'm nowhere close to needing hospitalization for my mental health or anything, but it occasionally prevents me from working on my art.

I just wanted everyone to know I am trying very hard to make both the Tuesday and Thursday updates happen. Some weeks I can only manage one of the two. If that's the case, I usually post something on Twitter (no I will NOT call it the new thing) or on my Cartoonist Corey Kramer Facebook page (and I am preemptively not gonna call it Meta either; in verse or otherwise) about which of the two days I will post on. Oh, and if anyone is interested in a commission, you can check in with me on either of those sites!

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this difficult time. I swear, I am getting better and am looking forward to making more comics for all to enjoy! This is my passion y'all!

I am a huge!

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