Eye Yi Yi!

I wanted to fill everyone in on my latest health situation. It's kept me from updating for a week or two and you all deserve to get an update.

A few Thursdays ago I was working in the studio and I saw what I thought was a bit of my cat's fur floating in the air. Garak (one of our cats) often tried=s to interrupt me when I am at the drawing table so this would be nothing new. When I went to bat the fur out of the air, however, it stayed in place. It changed from what I thought was fur to a weird... I dunno... morphing ink drop like shape. It did not go away and I freaked out. I managed to get an appointment at a local optometrist that afternoon to get it looked at... they said it wasn't urgent but I needed to see a specialist as soon as possible.

I had to wait a week to see said specialist. During that time, the vision in my left eye got worse. Strange swirling clouds of blackness began to obscure anything and everything. I could technically still see out of my left eye, but apart from the swirling black voids everything was a blur at best. It got so bad I got myself an eye patch (piratey "arrghs" not included- I did those myself). Once I got to see the specialist, they informed me that I was bleeding internally in my left eyeball. This was most likely caused due to complications from my diabetes. They had to give me an injection to stop the bleeding. Yes, a short. IN MY EYEBALL. Needless to say, it was a stressful week.

Unfortunately, the short can not get rid of the blood already floating around inside my eyeball- I just have to wait for my body to reabsorb that, I guess. Didn't know my eye and a sponge had so much in common. I have tried my damnedest to get strips done, but as you can imagine focusing on much of anything is a huge chore, much less the fine art that is web cartooning. I do have a guest strip or two lined up so look forward to that. I suspect I should be able to see well enough by the weekend to get back underway with my normal update schedule. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding these last few weeks (and years considering my health); you know I hate missing updates and it takes near blindness to get me to stop. I have exciting things planned for Wonder Weenies one my eye (and kidneys I suppose) is (are) better! I am a huge!

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