I am still about, I swear!

It's been a frustrating year.

Back in January I was in the hospital for a week or so thanks to a kidney infection. I was in the hospital more often than not in April (including my birthday). We finally discovered exactly what was ailing me (a semi-nasty bug that is easy-peasy if you have a fully functional immune system- which I do NOT thanks to my immunosuppressive medication that prevents me from rejecting the new kidney. To treat this particular ailment, I have to do at home IV treatments twice a day. Setting that up was an initial nightmare, but things finally have settled and I am feeling much better.

To top all of that off, we've got a bit of an ongoing technical snafu that is preventing me from updating- Chadmin is working hard to combat the issue and I'm sure he'll have it tackled as soon as he possibly can.
You may notice the occasional other glitch here on the site while he chases it; we fix those as soon as we can. I'm just the cartoonist guy- I'm no techy guy. He is the wizard here.

That being said, yes- it's been rather inconsistent around here as of late. I have NO intention of giving up on Wonder Weenies. If I had my way, I'd be doing three or four comic strips at once as I have a ton of ideas. I also doubt I can table at any conventions for the foreseeable future as technically while on this at home IV treatment I am to be considered "homebound."

I appreciate everyone sticking around and encourage new comers to wade through the archives from the start so you are all nice and ready for when I return with gusto.

Thanks! I am a huge!

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