Wonder Weenies :: For Murrey, that was a remarkably close guess. Personally, I never was the biggest Scooby Doo fan. I'm a fan, don't get me wrong.. there was just usually other stuff on that I'd rather watch when Scooby and the gang were on.

Significant numbers and stuff

I'm an old school kinda guy. I like it when my comics hit big issue numbers. I understand the desire to "restart" comics because new number ones sell... but numbers mean something... at least that's what Mister Sahlstrom used to tell me. I tended to believe him. Tuesday, June 9th's Wonder Weenies update marks my 400th comic. The more observant among you will point out that it is in fact my 474th update- but so far as stuff I would include as canon, only 400 of those updates take place in continuity. Consider the rest... I dunno... Annuals or specials or something. 

So what's in store for the Wonder Weenies in the future? Well, I tested a printed version at MSP ComiCon that seemed to go over well. I hear this "Patreon" thing is all the rage; i may look into that. I am super excited for the next story arc- it involves Super Sahlstrom, outer space, even more super heroes, and (if I don't decide to spin this last bit out into another tale) time travel. 

Also, as always when I celebrate a new milestone for Wonder Weenies, I do a little sumpin' special for you readers! Click the gift-box below the comic to find the above image available as a desktop wallpaper! You'll need to scroll down a bit as there's a lot of other Remedial Comics freebies for you all to enjoy!

Keep reading, Wonder Weenies! Stay Remedial! I am a huge!

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