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I don't feel a day over 299

As of March 4th, Wonder Weenies will have hit its 300th comic. Now, I know that the archive will show that it is actually somewhere around 355 comics... but I only count the ones that were part of actual continuity (yeah, I am a comic geek that uses words like 'continuity') when I am counting things up.

As many of you know, when we hit an important anniversary around these parts, I like to take a look back and pick some of my favorite comics. My criteria for picking these comics varies... sometimes I pick them as I like the joke; sometimes it't the art; and still other times I have some weird reason that makes sense only to me. When creating this list, I elimated non continuity strips (with two exceptions just because) and the oversized comics (so sorry, no "More Than Meets The Eye" despite it being one of my faves).

So take a trip through memory lane with me and let's celebrate the big three-oh-oh!

This was the first Wonder Weenies comic I ever created... I still love the joke (although when Wonder Weenies books go to print I will make everyone's favorite blue haired lady's line a little easier to read). Oh, and I introduced the blue haired lady here as well. Every once in a while I throw her in the background because she's a hoot to draw.

This comic was the first time I really went to town with the special effects... and of course it's when Dee, Murrey, and "new guy" got their powers so that makes it extra special.

Okay, so technically this comic is not part of continuity... during my first year of strips, I had the desire to create fake ads for my fake hot-dog themed restaurant chain to correspond with whatever holiday was in season. This was also an excuse for me to introduce everyone's favorite mascot turned supervillan, Beenie O'Weenie. This comic in particular stands out to me as not only did I take a photo of real food for it (like I did with every Beenie O'weenie holiday special), but I created fake fast food containers to go with it. that was fun to figure out.

Wonder Weenies first official villain was E.M.T. here. I always liked this image as it was my first big "splash" panel... when I sit down to draw Remedy or Wonder Weenies, I always use the same amount of space to lay out the comic and get creative with the panel layout therein. I seldom go too nuts with the layout of Wonder Weenies as opposed to Remedy, so the rare splash panel is fun for me to do.

El Chorizo wound up being a favorite periphery character for me... I really had no initial thoughts to flesh him out as much as I did. This comic was not only fun as again I got to play with the layout a bit, but I really think it turned out funny. It's almost a shame Chorizo was bumped off by Beenie O'Weenie (or was he? dun-DUN-DAAAAAAAH!) This comic also marks the demise of Murrey's paper hat. I will not miss that.

I like this comic because I wrote it around the time I started to take the bus to and from work full time versus drive. I don't bus it in because of some environmental concern or anything like that... my car died and we couldn't afford two. So now I get to ride the bus filled with colorful characters that inspire comics such as this. Oh, and I had an excuse to draw ol' blue hair again.

I am very proud of how the initial Beenie O'Weenie story turned out... and this one in particular turned out so purty, didn't it?

Poor Frank. His powers set him up to be the group's punching bag. Yeah, sometimes he can do cool stuff like go Terminator 2 on Beenie's butt or become a giant monster... but I don't think he knows how to do any of that on purpose. The only thing he seems to be able to do with any regularity is get disfigured then regenerate. I like how over time he's become so nonchalant about being horribly maimed over and over again. I can relate to him here because those eye checking machines have always weirded me out.

Okay, I know that this comic isn't in continuity either... after Beenie went all nutso, I started doing holiday specials with the Wonder Weenies trio... then for Christmas specials I started inserting myself into the mix. Now, technically I am in regular continuity kind of as Banger Lee is based on yours truly, but at Christmas time (and in recent years, Valentine's Day; love you dear!) it's all me. I also try and create something that you at home can print out and create- a free gift (other than comics every Tuesday and Thursday, that is). In 2012, we did cookie recipes (still available as printable cards in the extras section, by the way) and our cats Toshiro and Zester even made an appearance. Zester managed to destroy the Universe, however. Oh don't worry, it got better.

If it weren't for Algebra class my freshman year of high school, I would have never had become a cartoonist... so y'all have Super Sahlstrom here to thank for all this. I was doodling in his class one day and instead of getting in trouble he asked me to hang the picture (that happened to be Mr. Sahlstrom as a superhero) on his wall. This doodle turned into a daily comic for the next few years, and I was hooked. I have more planned for Super Sahlstrom down the road... I picked this comic as the crazy-purple-knock-out-gas was a nod to two of my favorite T.V. shows (Family Guy and 60's Batman) and one of my favorite running gags in that storyline.

Out of the three heroes, Dee may have the most powerful ability. yeah, Frank occasionally gets to do something cool, but danged if he knows how he did it afterward. Dee will make you BURN. I don't often really get to show her cutting loose, but when I do hooo-boy do I have fun with it.

I have a soft spot in my heart for puns, particularly when thinking up titles for comics. Coming up with unique title for every comic is at times a chore. I like this one. I also think the timing turned out well, too. And playing around with the personalities of the Nine News At Nine crew has been fun as well.

Well, that's my look back- hope you enjoyed it! I really enjoy bringing you all these hundreds of comics and look forward to hundreds more! Oh, and look for a very special new wallpaper in the "gifts" section to accompany my 300th comic inspired by one of my favorite Superman/Batman covers by Ed McGuinness (Issue 21 of the pre-new52 run). Somewhere down the line I will probably make it a print as well, I dig it that much! Don't miss it!

See you next time, Remedialites! I am a huge!

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