Wonder Weenies :: Eleven characters in one panel... hoo boy! Here's a tid bit for you... I got so carried away drawing the first panel of today's comic that I didn't allow enough room for panel two on the piece of bristol I pencil and ink the comics on. This is a very rare occurrence for me as I take great care to lay out the comics so they fit in that space. Where did i draw the second panle then, you may ask? Well... I'm afraid I had to resort to drawing it on the back side of the page. I know, I know... bad bad cartoonist.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everybody! I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane and repost all of my Thanksgiving Specials through the years!

It all began with this fake ad... which also happened to be the first appearance of Beenie O'Weenie on the site!

I really like the effect I used on Dee's flames in this one.

This was the first I did using this background (counting this year's, I've use this for all three of our heroes).

A bit of a nod to Rockwell here...

Is there anything that screams Thanksgiving more than a big ol' parade balloon?

And here's the Frank featuring the fall background (which was also used for this year's Dee special).

Hope you have lots of leftovers! We return on Tuesday the 29th! I am a huge!

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