Wonder Weenies :: I'm trying hard to keep Insane Ian's dialog sounding like... well... Insane Ian. Expect a LOT of variations on Insane Ian's stage name in this story arc. This running gag is something of an in joke for Ian and blends in well with Murrey's tendency to never get anyone but dee's name correct.

See ya 2017

First off, huge thanks to Shane Rivett, fellow Collective of Heroes member and creator of Heroes Of The World And Beyond for this amazing bit of Wonder Weenies art!

Well the Holiday Season has hit... I really thought I would be absolutely miserable this time of year as since August my life rather went kaput. I'd go into it all, but to be honest, I'm dealing with some depression and I would really not air all of that out here. I will say that my life has gotten a lot better after acknowledging some personal mistakes and hitting the reset button. I have a lot to look forward to this year.

I really do want to thank everyone that has read and enjoyed Wonder Weenies these last (just shy of) seven years... I have every intention of creating it for many more years to come. I know I have taken a somewhat long hiatus near the end of this year... it was somewhat necessary due to everything I was dealing with. I will be back to regular updates come January 11th, don't you worry. I may even bump up my updates to three times a week- I am still contemplating that as my day-job schedule is still a bit up in the air.

Anyway, again- thank you so much. As much as creating Wonder Weenies pleases me, knowing that it pleases the masses, no matter the size of said masses, I am one happy fella. Have a safe end of the year- see ya in '18! Stay Remedial... I am a huge!

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