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It's Springtime!

That's right, folks! Spring is a happy time! Why is Spring a happy time? Well, it's time for my absolute favorite comic book convention, of course! Spring Con... err, excuse me, MSP ComicCon! The convention is May 20th and 21st at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (in the Grandstand). This convention is volunteer run and only costs $14 for both days ($1 off with a non-perishable food donation; back in my fanboy days, I always brought a can of Popeye spinach, but I'm sure there's some sort of Spaghetti-Os with Batman on it if you're into that sort of thing). What can you expect from me at the convention? Well...

I'll be debuting the third issue of reprints of Wonder Weenies comics, for one. "Edifice Wrecks" reprints the story arc that introduced Super Sahlstrom and the evil Professor Highbrow! It also featured a giant Frank in a diaper fighting the Wonder Weenies headquarters transformed into a giant robot. ...best to focus on the other bit, really. As always, I'll have copies of the first two issues of Wonder Weenies as well. I'll also have a new Wonder Weenies poster at the show, the image of which was featured in the Wonder Weenies portion of the Collective of Heroes Free Comic Book Day Special. Yes, once again you can freely download a sampler of some of the finest superhero comics on the internet to enjoy! Unfortunately I didn't find time to complete an entirely new story for this special... I did create two new comics which book end three strips each from each of the first five Wonder Weenies story arcs (which reveals the titles to books four and five, by the way: "Backstage Blight" and "Sauna Sludge")

In addition to that, I'll have a few new prints available...

I've been a wrasslin' fan for a very long time... sometimes actively so, sometimes passively. I know I know-- "it's fake" and "how can I watch that?" Well... I might say the same thing about reality television, okay? I just enjoy it, okay? I had a chance to have a piece featured in a Slam-Crate art show out in California a few months ago (the Ultimate Warrior/Finn Balor piece) and had so much fun drawing it I decided to do another... I might eventually do a few more as time allows (I think DX era Triple H facing off against his older Authority counterpart would be funny) and if these go over well, expect to see more.

I'll also have my usual array of prints and sketch cards, pins (oh, I'll have five new designs available at the show as well!)... as always, if you cannot make it to a show and would like to order a commission or any of the merch I'll have available, you can always order some! Shoot me an email at [email protected] with your requests!

Hope to see you at the con! Or another con down the road! Stay Remedial! I am a huge!

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