Free Comic Book Day! Conventions! Yes!

It's May! You know what that means... May showers? What's wrong with you, Sergeant Soggy? It means FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is here (every first Saturday in May, don'tchaknow)!

Now, I know if you read webcomics you are accustomed to every day being free comic day (particularly Tuesdays and Thursdays as that's when Wonder Weenies updates), but Free Comic Book Day is special as everyone gets in on the act. Heck, even some of us that put out free content on a regular basis get in on the whole thing! For example...

Wonder Weenies is again taking part in the Collective Of Heroes Free Comic Book Day downloadable digital comic! And, just like last year, this comic will feature an exclusive Wonder Weenies comic not available anywhere else (at least for a couple of years anyway... I will probably reprint it at some point in the future, but why wait for THAT?)!  As you know, Wonder Weenies joined the collective about a year or so back and is proud to be in the company of such great superhero themed webcomics and their creators! And, in case you missed last year's Collective of Heroes Free Comic Book Day comic, you can still download it here. I highly recommend you do as this year's Wonder Weenies tale is a direct sequel to last year's story. Speaking of which... would you like to see a preview?

Again my FCBD Special features one of my favorite haunts, Granite City Comics... which is especially fitting as this year I am making my first official Free Comic Book Day appearance at their fine establishment! This is a great honor for me as the date not only celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of FCBD, but the thirtieth anniversary of Granite City Comics! I only wish Wonder Weenies had an anniversary to celebrate so we can have the trifecta (I suppose we could call it the belated celebration of five years of Wonder Weenies as we're now at 5 1/2 or so and I've overlooked it... but I digress)! I'll be at the store drawing sketch cards, selling original strips from Wonder Weenies (yup, I still draw them on paper and you can own one of your very own) and other trinkets, debuting a preview copy of Wonder Weenies comic number two (featuring the debut Beenie O'Weenie storyline), and having a whole lot of fun in general... if you're in central Minnesota, stop on by!

Also, it's convention time for me once again! As always, I am taking part in our local springtime comic book convention here in the Twin Cities, MSP ComiCon on May 14th and 15th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds!

Put on by the Midwest Comic Book Association (dig their new logo), an all volunteer run fan and creator friendly group, this convention is always a blast! I will be there as usual! I will have a limited number of copies of Wonder Weenies Issue two debuting at the convention- I couldn't get as many copies printed as I would have liked but they'll be there- first come, first served! I also have copies of issue one available... and a special if you buy both issues! As always I will be drawing and selling sketch cards, I'll have some prints for sale, I'll have some new Wonder Weenies buttons for sale... I will be open for commissions during the show as well. If you're planning on attending and would like me to have something ready for pickup at the show, you can email me at [email protected] with your request and a price quote.

Hope everyone has a good beginning of May! I know mine will be busy! Stay Remedial, everyone! I am a huge!

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