It's Springtime for Conventions for Coh-ho-rheeee

So maybe song parodies don't translate well into subject lines of blog entries (and perhaps that particular song from "The Producers" is a poor choice), but nevertheless, it is convention time for yours truly!

I wish I could get to more conventions throughout the year than I am able to, I really do! I have my eyes on a couple in the fall, but it's hard to predict that far ahead right now for an assortment of reasons. I'm going to be at a couple of conventions in May, however, and I am super excited about them! Here's the lowdown:

On Saturday May 9th I will have a table at The Iowa Comic Book Club's MiniCon! I did this show a few years ago and really enjoyed it (and not just because I got to meet Denny O'Neil)... It's a fun little show and if you're anywhere near Altoona, Iowa totally worth the trip! You can find out more about the show here.

Unfortunately, I've had a transportation issue that will not be resolved in time for me to make it to MiniCon... which I am super bummed about.  I think I will look into their two day convention in November.

Next Up, we've got MSP ComiCon... the newly re-titled "SpringCon." This is the big local convention here in the Twin Cities... well, other than the Wizard Convention that steamrolled into town last year. I won't be going to that one. Partly because I cannot afford table space at it (despite it being right in town and I won't need accommodations), partly because it's held during Free Comic Book Day weekend, and partly because I'd rather put time and energy into this con right here. I have been a part of Springcon err... MSP ComiCon for a long time and will always try and be a part. It's a great show, and takes place May 16th and 17th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. You can find out more about the show here.

Yup, that's two cons in back to back weekends... how exciting is that? Oh, and since I brought up Free Comic Book Weekend...

On Saturday, May 2nd, don't forget to get to your local Comic Book Shop for Free Comic Book Day... and if you're near a computer, don't forget to download your FREE PDF from Collective Of Heroes. That's the cover for the PRF there, by the talented Bill Walko of The Hero Biz- doesn't he do a good Murrey? If you're on Facebook and would like to know more, visit the Collective Of Heroes Page for more information.  Remember, there is a Wonder Weenies story EXCLUSIVE to this PDF, so you won't want to miss out!

THE COMIC IS NOW LIVE! You can now head over to: DriveThru Comics to download the entire 77 page Collective of Heroes Free Comic Book Day comic! For free! Did I mention it's free? It's totally free! It's got an exclusive Wonder Weenies story! Go get it NOW! (cuz it's free)

Well, that's it for this blog! I hope to see you at one of the conventions in May! If you're interested in a commission to be picked up at the con (or in general, really), you can email me at corey@remedialcomics with your inquiries! Stay Remedial, everybody! I am a huge!

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