Significant numbers and stuff

I'm an old school kinda guy. I like it when my comics hit big issue numbers. I understand the desire to "restart" comics because new number ones sell... but numbers mean something... at least that's what Mister Sahlstrom used to tell me. I tended to believe him. Tuesday, June 9th's Wonder Weenies update marks my 400th comic. The more observant among you will point out that it is in fact my 474th update- but so far as stuff I would include as canon, only 400 of those updates take place in continuity. Consider the rest... I dunno... Annuals or specials or something. 

So what's in store for the Wonder Weenies in the future? Well, I tested a printed version at MSP ComiCon that seemed to go over well. I hear this "Patreon" thing is all the rage; i may look into that. I am super excited for the next story arc- it involves Super Sahlstrom, outer space, even more super heroes, and (if I don't decide to spin this last bit out into another tale) time travel. 

Also, as always when I celebrate a new milestone for Wonder Weenies, I do a little sumpin' special for you readers! Click the gift-box below the comic to find the above image available as a desktop wallpaper! You'll need to scroll down a bit as there's a lot of other Remedial Comics freebies for you all to enjoy!

Keep reading, Wonder Weenies! Stay Remedial! I am a huge!

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