Dragons in Spaaaaaace!

A bit of news to share! First of all, if you are in Los Angeles on March 6th, head on down to Meltdown Comics where (should the mail carriers work in my favor cross your fingers) I'll have a couple of pieces (well, one- but it'll be displayed as two as the original inks and a special 3-D colored version ooo crafty) in their Loot Crate Slam Crate WWE art show... I don't want to share the image of the piece until after the show, but if you're a wrasslin' fan you won't want to miss it!

I'm going to be tabling at MarsCon this weekend... this is my first time attending this convention much less tabling at it and I am quite excited! Apart from the usual enjoyment I get out being an attendee at a convention, MarsCon in particular is exciting for me due to the heavy involvement in the convention from the funny music community! I have been a huge fan of novelty music ever since I heard my first episode of The Doctor Demento Show show way back in grade school. Growing up, it was super hard to track down new demented musicians to listen to- but the internet has made that so easy now! There's the wonder that is YouTube (which introduced me to Rhett and Link, two funny Internetainers in general but very talented musicians too) and such sites as The FuMP where demented musicians and Filkers (that's nerdy folk music, by the way) keep the spirit of the Demento Show alive! A whole lot of FuMP musicians will be at this con including other famous comedy musicians, like the talented Judy Tenuta as the guest of honor!

So, yeah... I'm pretty stoked. If you're going to be anywhere near the Mall of America Hilton on March 3-5, consider swinging by the con. I'll have some new merch, including this pinup I drew in honor of this year's theme for the show: "Dragons in Space!" (cuz as a vintage video gamer, when I hear "dragons in space" this is where my mind goes).  See you at the show! Stay Remedial! I am a huge!

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