Ketchup Kaboom!

Last minute update explaining a last minute decision to take two days off from the comic... but it's important to me to give you an explanation as to why as I hate missing updates.

So as some of you know I am a huge... fan of video games, particularly old video games as I've been playing them since the days of the Atari 2600. In fact, I am an avid collector for the Atari 2600 and have done some art for some releases from Atari Age which you can find here,  here, and here... but a very important limited release is about to come out and I need to take some time off for it.

Currently the game is set for a limited release of 30 copies... as part of this initial run I am drawing sketch cards for these copies which I need to get done this week so i need to take an unscheduled break as this was kind of a last minute decision and I need to get them done asap... after this initial run, there is a good chance Atari Age might choose to make the game available to all- should that happen I of course will let you know! And before you go "but corey, only old farts like you have a working Atari 2600" take a gander at this. that there is an upcoming system designed to run and read Atari 2600 cartridges (including homebrews) in HD... so no excuses! Seriously though, I want one real bad to play Ketchup Kaboom on.

So... sorry about no comics this week... but I gots a few dozen sketch cards to draw for my awesome Wonder Weenies side project- hope you don't mind. I will be back to regular updates on June Fifth. Until then, stay Remedial, and I am a huge!

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