Unfortunate Timing, I'm afraid...

So I am going through a rough patch.

I made it through the fall of '18 fairly well... a lot of you know I took many short breaks as I was dealing with some nasty depression. I made it through that no problem (okay, plenty of problems but the important thing is I made it through) and got back on my regular update schedule. I am very excited I did so.


Mid-November I was informed by my day job... the day job I moved to my current city of residence for; the day job that I obtained a new apartment for; the day job I was very happy with... that they had restructured and eliminated my position. Well that is a huge pile of suck, right there. I managed to eke by through November and December (with a huge deal of help from my family), but going forward I am not so sure about my financial situation. I have been looking for work; I have. The few prospects I was hopeful for did not pan out... the few offers I got were too far away and for too little pay; accepting them would have meant I was essentially working for not enough gas money to make it to work.

I have always been a hard worker and never expected to have this problem. I have never made a ton of money, mind you- but I never expected to make none. My non-cartooning experience has, for the most part, been in the non-profit sector working with at risk youth, mostly depressed and suicidal teens- close to twenty years worth of experience. Unfortunately, I do not have a degree and most places in the field I have applied at have offered me entry level work or told me they wanted a more experienced candidate. By the way, "ouch."

So what does all this have to do with you Remedialites? Well... I may have to take a hiatus. I know I know... but this one may be unavoidable. This one may be due to me not having internet due to not having an income. I do plan on finishing the story with Insane Ian and The Boggler. I also plan on building a buffer while I am offline. I may attempt a work around (maybe going to the library to upload or something) but until I work out a day job again, I may not be able to afford to stay online. Kinda gotta prioritize  things a bit (whhaaaaaat? Internet isn't tops on my list?!?).  I will do my best to keep updating and maybe if I am lucky there will be no interruptions at all. There probably will be, but hey- we might get lucky. Also know that I think mentally I can handle things... depression is a bitch sometimes and I don't want anyone to worry about all the horrible things it can lead to. I have plenty of support and know where to turn when I need help.

This is not an easy blog for me to write but I wanted you all to know. I try my hardest to not let personal things interfere with bringing you all comics to enjoy- creating comics is one of my true passions. Currently, they don't bring in a lot of income, but I still enjoy creating them and having them read. Of course, I am open to commissions as well if you are so inclined. Email me at [email protected] with any inquiries.

Again, I will do my absolute best to maintain my update schedule- and I have to work... and eat... and keep my phone on so I can be called about jobs... and drive; need that car insurance... electricity... if I maintain all of that, there will be internet and there will be comics.

So, don't worry about-- okay. Worry. Worry, but at an appropriate level. If I go away for a bit, I promise I will return as soon as I possibly can. I am a huge!

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