Fall sucks now...

Just wanted to fill everyone in on what I have going on.

If you've read Wonder Weenies and this blog over the last year, you may already know that I've had a really rough one. I have made a lot of strides forward, and I am still dealing with a dump load of depression. While I have no significant depressive anniversary dates falling in the month of October, a year ago this entire month was the apex of my darkest days. Everything that was going on for me just became too much for me to bear by the month's end. In fact, if memory serves, last year I took a huge chunk of the month (and a bit of November) off from making comics as I simply couldn't function. At all. And I was unsafe and a danger to myself. Like, a lot.

I don't want to do that this year.

On the flip side, while I am much better than a year ago (like, MUCH much), I do know that I am getting hammered upside the head by depression's mighty sledgehammer. I don't like it, and I am finding ways to deal with it. While I do, I might miss a few updates here and there. I hope that's okay- you all know I hate doing that, particularly when I am this close to the end of a storyline as fun as this one has been to create. I am also going to be moving into a new apartment within the next two months so that too may slow me down a piece.

I have reached out to the webcomic community and hopefully I will have some guest comics to post. I also plan on participating in The Collective of Heroes annual Halloween art exchange (which we lovingly refer to as "Secret Satan"), so there are things to look forward to even if I miss an update here or there. My goal is to update at least once a week as well.

I do appreciate all of you. New readers, there are a ton of comics in the archive. You might notice I prefer a story driven narrative- I do try to have a daily joke as well- but it really helps to read through everything. A goal for the coming year is to redesign the site to make jumping from chapter to chapter a bit easier (provided the immeasurably talented Chadmin can figure out the best way to do that!) and I do want to also create another stellar downloadable for the holiday season (the last few years were not up to my standards).

So hang in there folks- I am a huge and will barrel through. Somehow.


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