Finally a break... well... you know

Yes, Wonder Weenies has been on a bit of a break. But this being Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell you all what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for hardship. more so, the fact that I was able to survive it. I know that I have been keeping you updated about my mental state... I thought I was past the worst. Then last week my truck's battery died and I needed to replace it. Not the end of the world, I had a little bit of money to do so. ...then I had emergency dental surgery to remove a molar that was causing considerable pain. Okay... slightly less money but I was able to take care of that. Oh? The tooth extraction caused a black eye. Okay... that sucks. OH?!? The black eye continued to swell as it was actually a nasty infection? Great... at least antibiotics took care of it.

Oh... that mandatory meeting for all of the Program Managers at work was actually to announce company restructuring and my position was eliminated (which mirrors my situation of a year ago which began my year long depression)? That's... that's... oh man, I am doomed.

Now, many folks might give up hope. I almost did many times. The fact that my life was so closely mirroring the events of a year ago (almost uncannily beat for beat) was not helping my mental state. Every time I though I was through the worst, something new happened to drag me back down into the muck that was my depression.

And I held on... Good thing, too.

A very good friend got me a position where they work- it's not as much money as I was making and it's completely out of my wheelhouse-- and I can do it and make enough money to afford the new apartment I just signed a lease on.  I am dating again. I am feeling creative again (he said, knowing dang well his return to regular updates got postponed a week later than he anticipated but, hey- almost had no flow of income and kinda had to focus on fixing that so cut a guy a break okay?).  

So, yeah- I am thankful for my hardship. Oh, it sucked more than anything I can imagine (I really did not need a sequel to the events of the fall of 2017), and through it all I am a stronger person. I am thankful for the new friends I have made in the last year, thankful for those that have helped me during my darkest hours, thankful for mistakes I have made as I have learned so much from them, thankful for second chances...

And most of all, I am thankful that you've all been so understanding. You know I hate missing updates. You know I absolutely love creating Wonder Weenies. I hated shelving it while I had to focus on myself off and on for the last two and a half months or so... and had I not, well, there might not be any more Wonder Weenies at all. Possibly, no me at all.

So... thank you.

Yes, unfortunately I had to postpone my return to regular updates a week, again. I will return to Tuesday and Thursday updates on November 26th. I am going to try to not take an end of the year break as I have traditionally done because of this schedule upheaval. It's been a while since I created a Holiday print-out-gift for you all to enjoy. I think I am going to do that again... I miss those. Might even make it a special week long event! I do intend to bump up my convention schedule next year- I was most disappointed I only made it to one this year.

Stay Remedial, everybody! I am a huge!

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